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Igbo Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, & Dialect Coach

I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest translators from around the world. I have also had the opportunity to contribute to projects in translating:

1. Manuscripts

2. Published Materials and

3. Dialect Coaching (for performance arts) I was the translator and dialect coach in @Little America (Nigerian Cowboy).

Do you have written text in Igbo which you need translated or text that you need translated from English to Igbo? I am happy to help.


It has been my greatest honor to help individuals, families, and organizations with interpretation assistance in matters of 

1. Legal (hearings and/or depositions)

2. Medical

3. Immigration and Assylum

4. Forensic Materials (for law enforcement).


If you, your loved one, or clients are in need of medical services and need an interpreter who can set emotions and other personal interests aside, I am here to help.

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