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Obie Njọkụ
Igbo Language Consultant

Nnọọ! Welcome! In this twenty-first century, what it means to be Igbo, particularly Diaspora Igbo, is evolving. My experience working in various capacities to bridge Igbo language and culture challenges has brought me to the unsavoury realization that, despite earnest efforts, many of our Diaspora Igbo brothers and sisters may never master our language to an appreciable degree.

In addition to that, we still grapple with the complex issue of identity, hence the question, “What does it really mean to be Igbo today?” Language is undoubtedly the password for accessing the larger culture. But we do not want to make anyone feel less Igbo because of their language limitations! Moreover, it is not just language limitation; there is the underlying question of “Cultural Competency.” Yet, we also do not want to make anyone feel inadequate because some aspects of our culture are not accessible to them. 

In spite of such limitations, second-generation Diaspora Igbo men and women are starting families and doing their best to raise their Igbo children outside Igbo land. How do we navigate these crossroads? My goal here is to create a space where we can have these conversations in a safe, robust, and up-building manner. This must remain a safe space; an inclusive community of open-minded people who want to bring solutions! Support us with your ideas: let us chat, debate, blog, and flesh out what it means to be culturally Igbo and how you approach your Igbo identity when your dominant enculturation happened or is still happening outside Igbo land. 

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There is Power in Language!

I was raised, in Southeastern Nigeria, within a decade of the end of the Biafra War. Those were emotionally challenging times but also a period that drove the ingenuity of our people to enviable heights. Those that worked in the creative arts used the power of the human voice channeled through Igbo language radio programs as a respite for tired and troubled souls. It was in that environment that I grew to appreciate the beauty and power of language as a vehicle for uplifting a people.

I perceive that the cultural environment that I grew up in is fast disappearing, hence, the haunting urgency to join hands with many good people who work tirelessly to preserve our language and culture for generations unborn.

This website is a work in progress. Stay tuned as we work behind the scenes to create a portal that fills a unique need in our community.

Translation/Dialect Coaching

I have collaborated with some of the finest translators from around the world to contribute to projects in translating:

1. Manuscripts

2. Published Materials 

3. Movie scripts and

3. Dialect Coaching (remotely and on set).

Do you have written text in Igbo which you need translated; or text that you need translated from English to Igbo? I am happy to help.


It have had the privilege to help individuals, families, and organizations with interpretation assistance in matters of 

1. Legal (hearings and/or depositions)

2. Medical

3. Immigration and Assylum

4. Forensic Materials (for law enforcement).


If you, your loved one, or client(s) are in need of medical services and need an interpreter who can set emotions and other personal interests aside, I am here to help.

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